About The Faith Over Feelings Collection

The Faith Over Feelings Collection really challenged me, this concept is something God has been teaching me in my personal life which lead me to create the collection. Several hours of studying the objectivity of God and even knowing of his absolute goodness in my own life didn’t make the creation of this Collection any easier. On the contrary, the more I learned about God the harder it became to condense what I knew of Him into a phrase to place on a shirt or hoodie. It needed to be simple enough for a non-believer to understand but also show enough of God to spark interest and meaningful conversation. All of my clothing designs are as close to biblical principles as I can get them. My overall objective with this brand is to shine the light of Christ to the world by showing glimpses of God to the world through graphic designs. Appealing to the eye, but ultimately pointing you to the One who can nourish your soul. The verse of inspiration behind this creation was Hebrews 12:16-17. It is my pleasure to introduce to you The Faith Over Feelings Collection brought to you by The Holy Spirit and Nashonne.