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Congrats to our Giveaway Winner!

Before we rolled out our “New Creation” Collection we wanted to give people a chance to win some free drip‼️ There are a lot of people who support us in many ways who may not have the means to buy from our store, so we wanted to give everyone who supports us chances to rock IDC🕊️🕊️ I want to give a HUGE thank you to those who are in the discord and help there, or to those who help in other ways! Your support and encouragement really help the community aspect of IDC ❤️

But a HUGE shout out to Nestor is well deserved for winning our Certified Hope Dealer Hoodie! This hoodie is unreleased currently, but I will be announcing the release date of the New Creation Collection VERY SOON so keep an eye out for that you do not want to miss it!

We gave the winner an option to pick one of three designs and Nestor picked the Certified Hope Dealer hoodie in pink! We will be doing plenty more giveaways in the future not only on our social media but also in Discord! Identity Disciples is a much smaller community than our Instagram, so the chances of winning are higher! If you haven't joined Identity Disciples yet, what are you doing?! Go sign up at the bottom of our community page!




Feed The Spirit, Kill The Flesh, and Relentless every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday night as always!


- Weekly Question

Where did Elijah meet with the prophets of Baal to prove that God is the one true god?


 Last Week's Question

Which New Testament book has Jesus' Sermon on the Mount?

Answer: Matthew

(Comment your answer and tune in next for the correct answer revealed!)

May God bless and keep you until we finish the race!

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