About Us

Identity Collection Apparel was created exclusively to use the talents God gave me to show the world how great my God is. Identity Collection Apparel was created to help Christians live bold lives for Christ, live accountable lives to witness, and to live in the world without being of the world. To make this possible, I do my best to make sure each design is as biblically accurate as I can possibly get it. I understand that my opinion has to be far removed from this collection for God to work. Gods word will not return void, which is why I try to keep each design as appealing but as biblical as possible. I understand first-hand how hard it is whether you're a new Christian or seasoned in your faith, the world has a way of taking good things and perverting them. I have seen fashion go from something so simple to something very complex. No one should have to double check the designs on their clothes to verify they're not prescribing to something they don't believe in. I hope this brand can ease your mind as you shop. All designs are based on principles and lessons God has personally taught or illustrated the importance of in my life. My goal through this brand is to ultimately spark God filled conversations and have the gospel shared, all through clothing designs. But that doesn't mean there aren't other benefits of rocking Identity Collection gear either. This brand idea came to me at a time when I struggled with Christian accountability,  I didn't have many Christian friends at the time and honestly I never have and I found it extremely hard to progress past this lukewarm stage in my walk with Christ without Christian accountability. From this point on God put several brand ideas on my heart, at first I didn't know where the ideas were coming from or even what the end goal was, but God did. Just another testament to great the God we serve is, when I asked for Christian friends to hold me accountable he gave me a business idea and the concepts to apply to it. Now that I have a Christian brand I can no longer allow myself to be engulfed in the gray areas I was so prone to before. The perfect accountability system. I hope you find it just as useful, whether you're struggling with being a lukewarm Christian or having trouble witnessing to your friends or just want to show the world that God is not the lame sky daddy they have Him painted as. If you had have asked me 3 years ago if I though I would have ever been a business owner, I would've said no. If you had have asked me if I though I would be a business owner of a Christian apparel company I would've laughed at you. I am so thankful we serve a God whose ways are higher than ours. 1 Corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."